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FL > NYC Roadtrip, Part 3 – Raleigh!

5 Nov

Knowing, as we left Charleston, that we were a little behind from where we should be on our drive back to NYC, we made the decision to push for Raleigh, NC Saturday night, as it was an achievable end-point for our first day of driving, would provide reasonably priced accommodations, and would likely have some nightlife of which we could avail ourselves! It also “worked” in terms of our first goal for day two… Rehoboth Beach, DE… Gee, I wonder what’s fun in that little town? 😉 More on that later…

SO, again, as Jayd was driving, I turned to Twitter for some recommendations! I asked for good spots to get craft beer, as well as budget hotels in the downtown area. A few fine folks got back to me with haste, recommending (among others) the Busy Bee Café, Raleigh Times… and the Clarion hotel! A few tweets and a phone reservation later, we had secured lodging within walking distance of those two bars for under $100, and made connections with the Busy Bee Café! Many thanks to @BMoreBirds Nest, @benwilderv & @MikeBouffard for their help! Continue reading

FL > NYC Roadtrip, Part 1 – Gainesville HOB!

28 Oct

Remember how I said that all the details of this random FL trip fell perfectly into place?! Well, part of that included the puzzle piece of seeing my good friend Amie… at her new [AWESOME] place of employment… the Gainesville House of Beer!

SOURCE: https://www.facebook.com/#!/GvilleHOB

Once I knew I was headed to Gainesville, I sent a message to Amie to let her know (so that she could clear her calendar, obviously), and when she wrote back, she informed me that the official Grand Opening of the GNV HOB was the exact Friday night that I was going to be in town! Perfect! 🙂 Continue reading