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Guest Post – Oregon Brewers Festival Review

14 Aug

Behold, the first GUEST POST on The Hops Honey blog! So, who is the lucky author?! It is none other than my kick-ass step-father, Timmy McKane!

Timmy and I sharing some Life & Limb at Dogfish Head!

My mom married Timmy when I was 13, and after I started getting into craft beer in my late 20s, so did Timmy… and we found yet another wonderful way to expand our ‘kid-parent’ relationship into a friendship! Continue reading

1 parade, 3 brew-pubs, 5 hours… What up, Detroit?!

29 Mar

Yet again, I’ve been away from blogging for a while… but the reason this time is very much in my favor – I was searching for a  new job and, I’m super stoked to say that, I got one! After six years working for the non-profit ACWIS, I’ve moved back into the for-profit world and secured a position as an Administrative Assistant at consulting firm AlixPartners! It’s a really good move for me in a number of ways… one of which was that I got the opportunity to travel to Michigan for new-hire orientation!

So, what’s the first thing a craft beer-lover does when learning of a trip to a new city?!?! Why ask about the craft beer scene, of course! 🙂 Continue reading

FL > NYC Roadtrip, Part 3 – Raleigh!

5 Nov

Knowing, as we left Charleston, that we were a little behind from where we should be on our drive back to NYC, we made the decision to push for Raleigh, NC Saturday night, as it was an achievable end-point for our first day of driving, would provide reasonably priced accommodations, and would likely have some nightlife of which we could avail ourselves! It also “worked” in terms of our first goal for day two… Rehoboth Beach, DE… Gee, I wonder what’s fun in that little town? 😉 More on that later…

SO, again, as Jayd was driving, I turned to Twitter for some recommendations! I asked for good spots to get craft beer, as well as budget hotels in the downtown area. A few fine folks got back to me with haste, recommending (among others) the Busy Bee Café, Raleigh Times… and the Clarion hotel! A few tweets and a phone reservation later, we had secured lodging within walking distance of those two bars for under $100, and made connections with the Busy Bee Café! Many thanks to @BMoreBirds Nest, @benwilderv & @MikeBouffard for their help! Continue reading

FL > NYC Roadtrip, Part 2 – Charleston, SC!

1 Nov

After my fun night out at the Gainesville House of Beer with Janna & Amie… I woke up Saturday morning, did some laundry, said goodbye to Janna & my two little lovelies… and around 11am Jayd picked me up & we hit the road out of GNV and headed North!

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Planning a Beercation

13 Jul

Recently I got the chance to do something pretty cool – write a guest post for another website!!! Gerard from had seen my posts on Twitter about beer-tripping it through Vermont, and asked if I’d be willing to do a post for his site about planning a beercation… and I was super excited to oblige! Check it out 🙂

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Going Green at Long Trail Brewing Co.

12 Jun

Hops Honey Log: Wednesday, March 31st

Brewcation Stop #2: Long Trail Brewing Co. – Bridgewater Corners, VT

Ok, so I know that there’s been a bit of a lag between posts… and for that I apologize, but hey, life keeps happening & I just can’t seem to find a way to slow it down a bit… anyone got any suggestions?!? 😉  So, when you last visited The Hops Honey, she had just spent an amazing day helping fellow Hartwick alumn & brewer Patrick brew up a batch of IPA at Harpoon…

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Hangin’ out at Harpoon!

18 May

Look out, Vermont… The Hops Honey has invaded!!!!

Hops Honey Log: Tuesday, March 30th
Brewcation Stop #1: Harpoon Brewery — Windsor, VT

So my home base for this vacation was in Wilmington, VT which is about 15 minutes Northwest of Brattleboro, in the Southeastern corner of Vermont.  My game plan was to make the trek out to Windsor to arrive by 4pm, when Patrick would be starting the last batch of his shift.  Patrick, by the way, is one of the brewers at Harpoon’s Windsor location, and we share the same alma mater, Hartwick College! While Pat & I didn’t attend Hartwick at the same time, we had a mutual friend who put us in touch, and Pat was super gracious in inviting me up to spend the day with him while he worked!

Two rockstar Hartwick graduates!

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