Next up from Brooklyn Brewery’s Brewmaster Reserve Series…

27 Apr

Gold Standard Export Kellerbier

Last Tuesday, Rebecca and I once again headed out to Hipster-central [aka, Williamsburg], for one of Brooklyn Brewery’s Brewmaster Reserve release parties! As usual, it was a blast (and no, not just the beer… though that was on tap as well, and I was a good little Hops Honey & capped myself at 2!)… and while I don’t write about every one of these events that I go to, I felt like too much time had passed since I’d waxed poetic about how glorious these events are! So… settle in & prepare to seethe with envy 🙂

If you’re not familiar with these events, let me s’plain it for you! Every couple of months, the magicians out at Brooklyn Brewery work on a new beer for their Brewmaster Reserve series, and then throw a fabulous shindig to herald its release! They open up the doors to the brewery for the evening, and invite some fine folks to come learn about, and sample, their latest offering… and there’s snacks, too! They team up with local Brooklyn food vendors to provide their guests with some nosh, and to provide the vendors with visibility to a new audience!

So… Basically, it’s a huge gift that Brooklyn Brewery bestowes upon it’s faithful every couple of months… and this BB devotee is respectfully grateful to get to attend these events! 🙂

Anywho, this past week’s event was to celebrate the timely release of Brooklyn Gold Standard Export Kellerbier!


The beer’s release is perfectly timed, as it’s a delightful summer beer… and at 6.2%, it’s a little heftier than most summer, session beers!

In addition to the beer, the night featured food from Tom Cat BakeryEastern DistrictOvenlySlantShackThe Meat Hook and Sigmund’s! (I passed on the head cheese… and stuck to the goat cheese ;))

Now, aside from the beer, of course… my favorite part of any beer event/activity is seeing chicks out enjoying great craft beer! Behold 🙂

Obviously, Ms. Rebecca is my standing date for these events… but I love that they also mean I get to see some of my other fabulous lady-friends, like Clare and Emily! 🙂

Now, if you follow me on Twitter you’re probably familiar with my standard Hops-Honey-Drinking-A-Beer pose… so I asked Adam to take a pix for me… and this is what happened…

I suppose that if you’re going to get photo-bombed… this ain’t a bad way to have it done 😉

If you want to see more… you can check out “official” pix of the event from Brooklyn Brewery here!

As I browsed through them myself, I wondered if I might pop up in any of them… and lo & behold, I did… but it’s *really* hard to tell… So, I present to you a “Where’s Genevieve?!” picture from the event! Can you find me?! I think that John Kleinchester might be the only one who’ll be able to spot me 😉

Where's The Hops Honey?!?!

Anyway, as usual it was a wonderful event, delicious beer, and a great opportunity to hang out with friends! If you can get your hands on some of the Gold Standard, DO IT! & let me know how you like it! 🙂 


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