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Two Breweries, For the Price of One!

1 Aug

Hops Honey Log: Wednesday, March 31st

Location: Middlebury, VT – Otter Creek & Wolaver’s Breweries

It’s not everyday you get two for the price of one in the world of craft beer… well, ok… that’s not true, ’cause you’ve often got two-fer Tuesdays… but how often do you get to visit two breweries at once?!? Such is the joy that can be found in Middlebury, VT, the next stop on my VT Brewcation!  Once I left Long Trail, I headed West & North to Middlebury.

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VT Brewcation – The Short Story!

22 Apr

I’ve now been back from Vermont & the end of my Brewcation for just over a week and I’m finally going over my notes & starting to work on individual posts for each brewery or brewpub I visited… and something is becoming pretty clear: I really got something very unique from each place I visited, making for a really well balanced trip overall!  I thought that, to tide you over until I get all the posts up, I would write up a short little summary highlighting the one thing that really stood out for me at each of the breweries/brewpubs I visited!  Here they are, in the order in which I visited them on my trip!

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VT Brewcation!

1 Apr

The Hops Honey is taking over Vermont!!!

Well, their breweries and brew-pubs at least! I’ve got 9 days to try & cover as much beer-ground as I can up here in gorgeous Vermont, and I’ll be doing a post over the next few weeks about each of the breweries I visit.  Here’s my itinerary – it’s ambitious… but I’m determined to make it all happen!

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