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Next up from Brooklyn Brewery’s Brewmaster Reserve Series…

27 Apr

Gold Standard Export Kellerbier

Last Tuesday, Rebecca and I once again headed out to Hipster-central [aka, Williamsburg], for one of Brooklyn Brewery’s Brewmaster Reserve release parties! As usual, it was a blast (and no, not just the beer… though that was on tap as well, and I was a good little Hops Honey & capped myself at 2!)… and while I don’t write about every one of these events that I go to, I felt like too much time had passed since I’d waxed poetic about how glorious these events are! So… settle in & prepare to seethe with envy 🙂 Continue reading

Beer Tastings + Museum visit = awesome!!

25 Apr Source: http://www.nyhistory.org/node/589/gallery/73264

Imagine my delight, when into my inbox dropped a news release from the New-York Historical Society about their upcoming exhibition, which I brought y’all up to speed on last month?! But wait, it gets better… this news release wasn’t just reminding us about the exhibition… oh no… it was heralding the upcoming series of beer tastings they’re hosting in conjunction with the exhibition! And, of course, they’re featuring New York State breweries! Genius! Continue reading

Brooklyn Brewery Release Party – The Companion

28 Sep

I’ve never been part of the “in crowd” in any sense at any point in my life. Definitely not in high school, not really in college, and here in the city I think my type would find it fairly impossible to be part of what the rest of the non-NYC world would consider to be the “in crowd.”

With one teensy, tiny exception.

I am, truly, one of the few. The lucky. The inebriated. Continue reading

The Trifecta: Beer, Cheese & Girls!!!

26 Nov

Behold, the bounty of beer & cheese that brought 5 girls together on a rainy Monday night in Brooklyn!!!


In the spring I hosted a Girl’s Dinner at my friend’s place while I was house-sitting for them, and decided that the beginning of fall was another perfect opportunity to do it again!  This time though, given my new-found blogging & beer obsession, my age-old love of cheese, and my desire to bring more girls into the beer-loving fold, I decided to do a beer & cheese pairing/sampling, to be followed by some yummy fall-themed dishes!

Continue reading