Beer Tastings + Museum visit = awesome!!

25 Apr

Imagine my delight, when into my inbox dropped a news release from the New-York Historical Society about their upcoming exhibition, which I brought y’all up to speed on last month?! But wait, it gets better… this news release wasn’t just reminding us about the exhibition… oh no… it was heralding the upcoming series of beer tastings they’re hosting in conjunction with the exhibition! And, of course, they’re featuring New York State breweries! Genius!

According to the news release, “the New-York Historical Society will host a series of beer tastings that showcase the thriving brewing culture in New York City and State. Beer Here will examine the social, economic, political, and technological history of the production and consumption of beer, ale, and porter in the city from the seventeenth century to the present day.”

There will be two beer tasting sessions every Saturday afternoon at 2pm and 4pm, from May 26 – August 25. The line-up for the tastings is below, along with ticket pricing information!!

Available for purchase online:
$20 – member ticket for a single tasting
 $35 – non-member ticket for a single tasting

Available for purchase by phone (212-873-3400) or in person:
$100 – member six-pack discount ticket – six separate tastings
$150 – non-member six-pack discount ticket – six separate tastings

Beer Tastings Schedule & Participating Breweries

May 26– Matt Brewing Company
June 2 –Kelso Beer Co.
June 9 – Keegan Ales
June 16 – Bronx Brewery
June 23 – Harlem Brewing Company
June 30 – Blue Point Brewing Company
July 7 – Captain Lawrence Brewing Company
July 14 – Genesee Brewing Company
July 21 – Heartland Brewery
July 28 – Ithaca Beer Company
August 4 – Matt Brewing Company
August 11 – Bronx Brewery
August 18 – Keegan Ales
August 25 – Greenport Harbor Brewing Co.

One other fun event outlined in the news release, is a special Beer Appreciation Night, on Tuesday, July 10 at 6:30pm. Here’s your chance to hear from the curators of the exhibition, along with Garrett Oliver and Steve Hindy from Brooklyn Brewery, as well as Gabrielle Langholtz from Edible Brooklyn & Edible Manhattan. Don’t worry, there’s beer at this event as well… from Brooklyn Brewery, following the program! Ticket info is as follows:

Program + Beer Tasting
$ 37 – members
$49 – non-members

$12 – members
$24 – non-members

So… go get your culture AND your drink on at the New-York Historical Society this spring/summer!! 🙂


FYI, the tastings are being run by Starr Restaurants’ catering group – Stephen STARR Events.

One Response to “Beer Tastings + Museum visit = awesome!!”

  1. Beauseant at 4:46 PM #

    Very cool! I’m sorry I won’t be in NYC to enjoy it. Please have one…. or rather, a few for me.

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