FL > NYC Roadtrip, Part 1 – Gainesville HOB!

28 Oct

Remember how I said that all the details of this random FL trip fell perfectly into place?! Well, part of that included the puzzle piece of seeing my good friend Amie… at her new [AWESOME] place of employment… the Gainesville House of Beer!

SOURCE: https://www.facebook.com/#!/GvilleHOB

Once I knew I was headed to Gainesville, I sent a message to Amie to let her know (so that she could clear her calendar, obviously), and when she wrote back, she informed me that the official Grand Opening of the GNV HOB was the exact Friday night that I was going to be in town! Perfect! 🙂

So on Friday night, my friend Janna and I headed into downtown Gainesville & met up with Amie. Luckily, she had just gotten off her shift, so she was able to play! First things first, I bellied up to the bar & got myself a beer. I really wanted to try and stay local in my selections so I could try as many beers as I could that aren’t available in NY! So… I started out with a Swamphead Island Hop! It was… delicious 🙂

Once I had my beer in hand, I was able to direct my attention to the bar itself! The space is just the right size for a craft beer bar… not too big, but not too small! There are a few TVs so you can feed your sports addiction… they have a great little outdoor space at the front of the bar… and then there are the taps… all 40 of them! 🙂

Such happy little taps all lined up so pretty 🙂

My second beer of the night was another “local” as well… the Terrapin Hopsecutioner IPA… happy, hoppy goodness 🙂

And this, ladies & gentlemen, is your Gainesville House of Beers Beer Goddess! 🙂

I was SO excited for Janna & Amie to finally meet!

Also, while Amie & I have passionate relationships with beer, Janna isn’t much of a drinker at all… & definitely isn’t “into” beer. SO… Amie poured her a triple, & guess what?! She liked it!!! YAY! 🙂 See? There’s hope for everyone 😉

The other super cool part of our Friday night at the Gainesville House of Beers, was meeting a “neighbor” of mine! 🙂 Apparently, one of the owners—Mike—lives in NYC… more specifically, in the West Village (um, which is where I live, in case you didn’t know!)! We had that great New Yorker conversation of “oh yeah, you’re on X? Right by that little triangle park? Isn’t that by X street? Oh, right, yup… I know exactly where you are!” So funny… to meet someone who lives in your neighborhood while out of town!

Actually, someone asked if people in all NYC neighborhoods would feel like someone they met was a ‘neighbor,’ even if they were many blocks apart… and I said that I think it’s felt more-so downtown than in other parts of the city. In midtown & uptown you have these high-rises—buildings with 20, 30, 40+ stories—so on a given building’s footprint, you have 1,000’s of people living there, whereas my building only has 18 people. Downtown, where the buildings are smaller & shorter, you have fewer residents per square foot, so the smaller numbers of people living there (comparatively) I think feel a bit more of a connection to their neighborhood, and to their neighbors!

Anywho… it was a great evening out with the ladies, enjoying great craft beer at a wonderful new spot… and I highly encourage you to visit the Gainesville House of Beer if you happen to be in Gainesville! Stop in, have a pint, & say hi to Amie – she’s the bees knees! 🙂

Up next… Jayd & I officially hit the road & begin our journey to NYC! First stop? Charleston, SC!


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