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Nostalgia Tour ’09

2 Nov

This Nostalgia Tour is being brought to you in three part harmony!  Ok, so not harmony, but three parts definitely!  The next three posts will be dedicated to the three breweries I visited on the great Nostalgia Tour of ’09 🙂

When I went to the beer festival in NYC a few months back I sampled a beer that was from Lambertville, NJ.  Now, until I was 9 I lived in Finesville, NJ, which is just down the road from Lambertville, so I was very excited to learn there was a brewery there… namely, RiverHorse!

About a month ago now, I got the random use of a friend’s car for the weekend & was looking for where to go to hit some local breweries & discovered Weyerbacher & Triumph were right near RiverHorse & my old stomping grounds!

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