Presenting: Back East Brewing Company!

17 Aug

As I mentioned in my preview post last week, this past Saturday was the official launch party of Connecticut’s newest brewery – Back East Brewing Company!

Located in Bloomfield, CT, Back East was founded by cousins Tony Karlowicz and Ed Fabrycki, who started homebrewing together back in 2006. Since then they have experimented with and perfected their homebrew recipes, and a few years ago began to put a plan in place to open their own brewery. This weekend was the culmination of all of their hard work over the past 6 years!

I took the train up to CT on Friday night, and on Saturday afternoon my friends Heather, Matt & I headed over to Bloomfield. Parking is behind the brewery, but as we approached, we saw two guys out front holding signs that read…


… and they were directing people to park in the lots across the street. Honestly, could you ask for a better sign that your opening is going well?! 🙂

Behind the loading dock was where all the action was, and after showing our IDs, we were given a cup, a string of tickets, and a card outlining the event!

They had a number of tents set up outside, with two serving stations featuring their beers, and there was a third tasting station inside the brewery’s tasting room. There was also food available for purchase, courtesy of Smokin’ with Chris!

The view from the loading dock – great crowd!

Just after 1pm, Tony kicked off the ribbon-cutting ceremony by thanking everyone for being there to celebrate with them, and giving us a little background on just how they got to be there! Next up was Senator Richard Blumenthal, who congratulated Tony & Ed on their success, and promised to lower taxes on CT brewers! Huzzah! There were more speeches from State Represenative David Baram, as well as Bloomfield’s Mayor and Deputy Mayor, Sydney T. Schulman and Wayne Hypolite, respectively. While the speeches may have gone on a bit, it was definitely awesome to see such public support for the brewery from local and state officials – and it was easy to hear the pride from each one of the speakers!

You can watch a video of the full ceremony here!

After the ceremony, Heather, Matt and I walked around and sampled their beers, and then I hit up the store! I got myself a growler of their Golden Ale, along with four of their inaugural edition 750 ml bottles of Imperial Stout! Can’t wait to see how those puppies age 🙂  I also managed to pick myself up a t-shirt and pint glass!

Inside the brewery

As I mentioned in my other post, I’m super excited for Tony & Ed… and love that I was able to be there a few years ago to share in their excitement when the idea for Back East was just starting to form… and I wouldn’t have missed their opening for anything! 🙂

Me & Tony!

Meanwhile, you can follow them on Twitter and Facebook, or you can visit them in Bloomfield, CT!

The tasting room is open as follows:

Wenesday – Friday: 4pm-7pm

Saturday: Noon – 4pm

Tours: Saturdays at noon, 1pm, 2pm, and 3pm

Here’s a rundown of the beers that Back East is offering! (descriptions from their website)

In 1/2 gallon growlers and on draft…

Back East Ale – Our Flagship offering, Back East Ale is a medium-bodied amber ale. This amber-colored beer features a subtle fruity aroma with hints of vanilla and peach. It has a smooth malt character that is nicely balanced with just a slight hop bitterness and a clean, crisp finish. Once you taste this favorite, we’re sure you’ll be reaching for another “Back East”!


Golden Ale – Back East Golden Ale is a deep golden, light-bodied American-style ale. This West-coast style beer has a smooth, crisp taste, accentuated by a light malt character and even hop balance. This easy drinking, thirst-quenching beer appeals to a broad range of beer drinkers whether they are a seasoned enthusiast or a Craft beer beginner.


Misty Mountain IPA – Misty Mountain is a great example of the American-style India Pale Ale synonymous with Craft Beer. Originally brewed for sailors on shipping routes between England and India, British IPAs are known for their strong hop bitterness, which were added as a preservative for the long voyage. The American adaptation is decidedly stronger and offers a more robust hop bite. Back East IPA is no exception. This assertively hopped beer has a great hoppy aroma, crisp hop bite, and smooth medium body.


Porter – Back East Porter is a full-bodied chestnut brown porter with notes of chocolate and caramel. This hearty beer offers a thick light brown head and is hopped just enough to offset the sweet maltiness and roasty undertone. This bold beer is refreshing enough to be enjoyed year round, but is at its best as a satisfying winter warmer or paired with a grilled steak, pork roast, or a burger.


In 750ml bottles…

Imperial IPA – One of our premium offerings, our Imperial IPA is shamelessly hopped with American hops from the Pacific Northwest.  This Imperial IPA has a medium amber appearance with a robust hop aroma. We know you will enjoy its bold, but balanced flavors as much as we do!  Imperial IPA is unfiltered and bottle conditioned.


Imperial Stout – Back East’s Imperial Stout is a full-bodied ale brewed with several varieties of dark roasted malt.  It has a complex malt character with underlying hints of coffee and chocolate.  A generous amount of English hops gives this ale a pronounced hop profile.  This robust ale is unfiltered and bottle conditioned.

Stop by and visit the guys at Back East… & tell them The Hops Honey sent you! 🙂


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