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The Great Pumpkinfest

17 Oct

While some Blind Tiger Wednesday-events feature a brewery, they’ve recently started doing style events some weeks, & this past Wednesday was the Great Pumpkinfest! šŸ™‚ According to the write-up from the maven of the Blind Tiger, Katherine, “The … list is the sort that can make Pumpkin lovers swoon with joy, and even win over the skeptics. It’s the perfect welcome for the crisp fall weather.” Continue reading

8,000+ Miles & One Epic Beer!

22 Sep

One of the things that I love *most* about craft beer, is that its appeal has no limits. ANYONE can become infatuated with good beer. It doesn’t matter your gender or your age, what walk of life you come from… or even what part of the world!

Another thing I love, is how beautifully craft beer goes along with social media. Because there are no limits, no qualifications, no guidelines for who out there might also love good beer, you can meet anyone and immediately have a non-political, boundary-less common point of interest!

And so it was, that I “met” CurdNerd via Twitter, about a year and a half ago! According to his profile, he’s an “Obsessed cheesemonger, maker & real ale drinker.” Ā He also happens to live in New Zealand! Continue reading

My Craft Beer Anniversary!

31 Aug

I could have gestated a baby in the time that has passed since my last blog post. Let me spare you the expense and just clear that up… I did NOT have a baby in the pastĀ  nine months, but I HAVE severely neglected this lovely little blog. Continue reading

Stone Brewing Co Takes Over the Blind Tiger

24 Mar

I have my priorities firmly in order.

I am taking a half day at work today so that I can get a head-start on tackling the kick-ass list of beers that Stone Brewing Co is showing off today at the Blind Tiger.Ā  Let me make you jealous!

Continue reading

Big Apple Beer Scene

6 Mar

BIG news, folks… The Hops Honey has been published!!!!

I recently wrote an article for a kick ass new magazine – Philly Beer Scene – on the beer scene here in NYC. Ā The idea was to highlight great bars for beer in the city for Philly connoisseursĀ who might be inclined to take a day or weekend trip up to NY.

So, without further ado, I present to you… the first article published by yours truly! šŸ™‚

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