The Hops Honey Heads South!

21 Jun

One of the biggest concerns I had with moving to a new job a few months ago, after 5+ cushy years at a non-profit with a healthy vacation package, was the idea that my traveling would be curtailed. I mean, going from 20 vacation days + 10 sick days + roughly 15 “freebie” vacation days owed to Jewish holidays, to roughly 1 week of vacation, was a terrifying “sacrifice!” Oddly… I’ve done a heckuva lot of traveling since I started this job! Since my first day on March 20th, I’ve traveled to Detroit, MI, Chicago, IL, Louisville, KY and, as I write, I’m on a flight to Atlanta, GA! And wouldn’t ya know, the one thing that all of those trips has had in common… is craft beer 🙂

So, I’m going to Atlanta for work – the annual all-firm meeting is being held in Atlanta this year, from Weds-Fri, and so I wisely decided to fly home on Sunday rather than Friday, so that I could have a little time to explore another new city! Now, as I started to research ATL, I quickly realized that the biggest draw to me was the exploration of the city’s craft beer offerings!

Sure, I saw that there were museums and historic sites to visit… and of course, there’s the Coca-Cola  tour… and perhaps the biggest draw, the Atlanta Aquarium. Well, as part of our work ‘event,’ I’m going to get to go on a tour of the CNN studio, and we’re having an event at the Aquarium on Thursday night… so I’ve got two “big” items already checked off my Atlanta tourism list… and quite frankly, the Coke tour & historic sites just don’t hold much interest for me.

Fast forward in my research, to the full-steam-ahead planning of an all-day solo pub crawl in the ATL : True story, I kinda started to feel a bit guilty. Is it **wrong** to plan your time in a new city 100% around visiting different bars/brewpubs?!? (duh, I know that those of you reading this will resoundingly support that type of planning… but I think you know what I mean 😉 )

Ultimately, I went with a “ah, fuck it!” attitude 🙂

SO… I have to do responsible “work stuff” for the next two days… but come Friday evening, the cats will all be headed home to New York & other various ports of call… and this little mouse will be more than ready to play!

Here’s my ambitious plan of attack for covering as much sudsy, hoppy, malty Atlanta as possible in just under 48 hours!  Wish me (and my liver!) luck 🙂


I’m going to keep it fairly “low key,” and head over to Young Augustine’s. I figure that I can have dinner and a few beers there and not get too crazy, so I can be rip-roaring, ready to go on Saturday!


After a stroll through, and hopefully breakfast sourced at, the Green Market in Piedmont Park, I plan to get my drink on in the following order

  • The Nook
  • The Tap @ 1180 (lunch – really looking forward to the Butternut Squash Empanada!)
  • Cypress Pint & Plate
  • Deckard’s
  • Taco Mac
  • Leon’s Full Service
  • Twain’s
  • The Wrecking Bar (dinner – psyched to try their Seitan Veggie Gyro!)


Looking forward to exploring Little Five Points, followed by brunch at the Porter Beer Bar… before hoofing it back to the airport for a 3pm flight home!

Wish me luck! 🙂


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