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Big Apple Beer Scene

6 Mar

BIG news, folks… The Hops Honey has been published!!!!

I recently wrote an article for a kick ass new magazine – Philly Beer Scene – on the beer scene here in NYC.  The idea was to highlight great bars for beer in the city for Philly connoisseurs who might be inclined to take a day or weekend trip up to NY.

So, without further ado, I present to you… the first article published by yours truly! 🙂

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Cali, Part 4 – The Bruery!

16 Jan

A relative newcomer to the craft beer scene, The Bruery has made a VERY big impression on craft beer lovers!  This was definitely when I really appreciated having Daniel along with us, because he is much more scientifically-minded than I am!  He asked SO many great questions throughout the tour… and when Tyler showed us their in-house yeast lab, Daniel was like a kid in a candy store!  This has to be one of my favorite pix that Jayd took at The Bruery, of Tyler holding one of their yeast samples!

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Cali, Part 3 – Stone Brewing Co (Part B)

9 Jan

Remember how I went to that amazing Stone Brewing Co beer pairing dinner at the Roger Smith Hotel back in September during NY Craft Beer Week? Well, I became fast friends with Arlan since we sat next to each other during the dinner, and he very graciously told me that if I was ever out at Stone Brewing again to let him know & he’d set me up with a tour!  I took him up on it… and BOY am I glad that I did!

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Cali, Part 3 – Stone Brewing Co. (Part A)

2 Jan


While there was certainly magic in the air on Saturday for Megan & Drew’s wedding, the stars truly collided on Sunday creating one of the most memorable experiences for our little trio…  honestly, throughout the day we all kept exclaiming and proclaiming…


And really, you wouldn’t think the stars were aligned for us at first, given that we were each operating on an average of 3-4 hours sleep, and one of us was a stranger!

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