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The Great Pumpkinfest

17 Oct

While some Blind Tiger Wednesday-events feature a brewery, they’ve recently started doing style events some weeks, & this past Wednesday was the Great Pumpkinfest! šŸ™‚ According to the write-up from the maven of the Blind Tiger, Katherine, “The … list is the sort that can make Pumpkin lovers swoon with joy, and even win over the skeptics. It’s the perfect welcome for the crisp fall weather.” Continue reading

Franconian Lagers in Northampton!

11 Oct

Last weekend I was up in CT visiting my good friends, Heather & Matt… the latter of whom is also a huge fan of craft beer! We decided that on Saturday afternoon, we should take a drive up to Northampton, MA, to visit The Dirty Truth Beer Hall! Matt had talked this beer hall up a few times before, so I was really excited to head up there for some yummy beer & grub!

A quick drive North up into Massachusetts, and we arrived! I walked in and, as with so many other wonderful craft beer establishments, was immediately drawn toward the gleaming chalkboard on the wall… behold…

Avery, and Sulpin, and Devotion, Oh My!

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2011 NY Craft Beer Week – Southampton Beer Pairing Dinner @ Hearth

30 Sep

This was not my first go-round at the rodeo. I’m not a beer-pairing dinner virgin. I GET that the variety & complexity of craft beers out there are naturals when it comes to pairing them with sumptuous food stuffs. That being said… heavens to Murgatroyd…Ā  Continue reading

Brooklyn Brewery Release Party – The Companion

28 Sep

I’ve never been part of the “in crowd” in any sense at any point in my life. Definitely not in high school, not really in college, and here in the city I think my type would find it fairly impossible to be part of what the rest of the non-NYC world would consider to be the “in crowd.”

With one teensy, tiny exception.

I am, truly, one of the few. The lucky. The inebriated. Continue reading

2011 NYC Beer Week – Kicking it off at Little Town

23 Sep

Friday, September 16th saw the start of New York Craft Beer Week 2011, so before a dinner with friends, I made a point to hit up a participating bar to have a pint! A few months ago I had received a TravelZoo e-mail about a craft beer bar food & drink offer for a new venue and, in addition to serving craft beer only from NY state breweries, their menu listed rosemary-truffle seasoned popcorn. O_O

Needless to say, I was dying to go there… but somehow just never made it. So when I had to find a bar to go to that was on the East side before dinner, this place popped into mind as the perfect spot! From start to finish, Little Town definitely didn’t disappoint! Continue reading

My Craft Beer Anniversary!

31 Aug

I could have gestated a baby in the time that has passed since my last blog post. Let me spare you the expense and just clear that up… I did NOT have a baby in the pastĀ  nine months, but I HAVE severely neglected this lovely little blog. Continue reading

Stone Brewing Co Takes Over the Blind Tiger

24 Mar

I have my priorities firmly in order.

I am taking a half day at work today so that I can get a head-start on tackling the kick-ass list of beers that Stone Brewing Co is showing off today at the Blind Tiger.Ā  Let me make you jealous!

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