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The Great Pumpkinfest

17 Oct

While some Blind Tiger Wednesday-events feature a brewery, they’ve recently started doing style events some weeks, & this past Wednesday was the Great Pumpkinfest! šŸ™‚ According to the write-up from the maven of the Blind Tiger, Katherine, “The … list is the sort that can make Pumpkin lovers swoon with joy, and even win over the skeptics. It’s the perfect welcome for the crisp fall weather.” Continue reading

My Craft Beer Anniversary!

31 Aug

I could have gestated a baby in the time that has passed since my last blog post. Let me spare you the expense and just clear that up… I did NOT have a baby in the pastĀ  nine months, but I HAVE severely neglected this lovely little blog. Continue reading

Stone Brewing Co Takes Over the Blind Tiger

24 Mar

I have my priorities firmly in order.

I am taking a half day at work today so that I can get a head-start on tackling the kick-ass list of beers that Stone Brewing Co is showing off today at the Blind Tiger.Ā  Let me make you jealous!

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Another Wednesday, Another Trip to the BT…

16 Oct

A few weeks ago Rebecca & I headed down to the Blind Tiger after work to have some beers before we each had to go our separate ways to other plans (me to Hoboken with Amanda to listen to her high school friend play at a barā€¦ and Rebecca to meet up with some friends for dinner!).

So it was a Wednesday, andĀ  luckily, even though there wasnā€™t a formal event, they still had cheese!Ā  Hooray!!!Ā  So, hereā€™s what I had!

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Hoptical, Imperial Bastard!

10 Sep

Last night the Blind Tiger hosted the Blue Point Bash, complete with super yummy cheese from Murray’s! Ā I was running a bit late and was terrified that I would have missed out on the cheese but, at 6:35 there was, miraculously, still a whole bunch left, so I got my fix! šŸ™‚

Blue Point Summer Ale & Cheese!

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