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BrewDog Gives Olympic Sponsors the Finger!

26 Jul

If you’re not yet familiar with Scottish brewery BrewDog… well, get familiar, ’cause you’re missing out! These guys aren’t really humorous, so much as they’re cheeky. Case in point, their newest limited release beer, fresh off the line in time for the Olympics: Never Mind the Anabolics Continue reading

A *positive* example of marketing craft beer to women! Huzzah!

31 Jan

As I mentioned in my last post, there’s been a lot of chatter online about how some in the beer industry are attempting to market beer specifically to women… but, alas, their efforts are not well-received for the most part.

The arguments against targeted marketing go something like this…

“Men don’t need beer marketed directly toward them, so why do we?”

“Just because I’m a woman doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate – or demand – full-flavored beer!”

“I don’t need ‘girly’ packaging to convince me to purchase something.”

Generally speaking, I agree with the consensus from the ladies on the interwebs.

There’s another side to the equation though.

While it has been pointed out to me that the numbers suggest that women who DO drink beer generally choose GOOD beer, there’s still a large number of women who have yet to convert to the craft-beer fold. Those are my targets 🙂

SO… when I see that a brewery/bar/business has found a way to simply reach out to a large female audience to make their presence known – no manipulated marketing involved – I get really psyched! Which brings me to today’s example of just this kind of genius!

My friend Amanda subscribes to Daily Candy e-mails, and often sends me snippets from them that she thinks I might like. Now, if you’re not familiar with Daily Candy [gents], here’s a snapshot description from their website:

Pretty great, right? So they have their national e-mails that go out, but they also have targeted e-mails for a handful of cities around the country (plus London, of course! lol)…

New York Los Angeles Chicago

San Francisco Boston Dallas

London Washington, D.C. Atlanta

Philadelphia Miami Seattle

So, anywho… Amanda forwarded the snippet below from last Thursday’s NYC edition of Daily Candy!

The Growler Station
Fill your 64-ounce classic or 32-ounce recyclable glass to-go bottle with one of more than 24 craft brew options (Ramstein Double Platinum Blonde, Kelso Bourbon Barrel Industrial IPA).
Why: Super Bowl Sunday is one week away. We suggest a wild card round to determine your beverage champ of choice.
When: Mon.-Sat., 11 a.m.-10 p.m.; Sun., noon-7 p.m.
Where: 26 W. 8th St., b/t MacDougal St. & Fifth Ave. (212-777-2337)

This Greenwich Village location in NYC is the first Growler Station to be opened in the U.S., but there are plans to open other locations in South Carolina, Georgia, Washington DC, Upstate New York and Michigan.

Now, on a personal note, I’m *extremely* happy about this new opening, since it happens to be just 2.5 blocks from my apartment! 🙂

However… lets think about some other ladies that might be excited to have learned about the opening of the Growler Station… for instance…

3 million of them?

And here’s where we come to the part about a rockstar way to ‘market’ craft beer to women… here’s a look at what Daily Candy’s website has to say about their audience:

Ok, so their entire readership is 3 million, and this only went out to the NYC audience… but still, that has to be a pretty huge number of subscribers, and if you look at the statistics above about their readership, it’s a pretty impressive group of ladies!

If you look at the text from the Growler Station’s ‘advertisement’ above, there isn’t one single word that could even possibly indicate that this message was crafted to be aimed at a woman. Heck, you could easily put the exact same message, word for word, in an e-mail from Men’s Journal to their subscribers!

THAT is the part that I love best!

The Growler Station and Daily Candy simply knew that there are women out there who would want to know that a great new shop had opened up – especially, just before the Super Bowl – and they simply wanted to get the message out there.


In the midst of all the negative examples of targeted marketing to women by various arms of the beer industry, has anyone else seen any positive examples of marketing to women?!?!

Here’s hoping that more businesses get on board in terms of simply letting women know – via the vehicles they’re already tuned in to, like Daily Candy – that there’s great beer out there just waiting to be had! 🙂


Big Apple Beer Scene

6 Mar

BIG news, folks… The Hops Honey has been published!!!!

I recently wrote an article for a kick ass new magazine – Philly Beer Scene – on the beer scene here in NYC.  The idea was to highlight great bars for beer in the city for Philly connoisseurs who might be inclined to take a day or weekend trip up to NY.

So, without further ado, I present to you… the first article published by yours truly! 🙂

Continue reading