New Beer Exhibit at the New York Historical Society!

27 Mar

Bar tray, 1900–1930. The New-York Historical Society, Gift of Bella C. Landauer, 2002.1.3205

My friend Rebecca just brought to my attention a new exhibit that will be debuting at the New-York Historical Society Museum & Library in May, called Beer Here: Brewing New York’s History! I’ve been to the NYHS once before and absolutely loved it, but THIS is a fantastic reason to go back for another visit!

The exhibit will run from May 25 – September 2, and will examine the city’s long relationship to this age-old drink.” According to the NYHS website, the exhibit “will survey the social, economic, political, and technological history of the production and consumption of beer, ale, and porter in the city over the past three hundred and fifty years.”

For those of us who are into craft beer and live in New York, it is ‘common knowledge’ that prior to Prohibition, there was a booming beer/brewing industry in NYC, but I wonder how many people outside the craft beer community are aware of the city’s history with beer? One of the things I’ve found most fascinating as I’ve learned about the history of beer in New York State, is that upstate New York – about 20 minutes from where I grew up, in fact – was once the largest producer of hops in the country at one point! Who knew!

Again, according to the NYHS website, exhibit sections will explore such topics as: the nutritional properties of colonial beer and early New York brewers in the age of revolution; infrastructure innovations and the importance of access to clean water; large-scale brewing in nineteenth-century New York and the influence of immigration; the influence of temperance and impact of prohibition; bottling, canning, refrigeration and other technological advances; and the state of the city’s breweries in the age of mass production.”

Now, I know that May 25th is still two months away, but I wanted to give everyone the heads-up on this, so that you can mark it on your calendars to check out! I’ll definitely be going to see the exhibit, and will do a follow-up post after that!

If you’re in NYC & can get to the exhibit, here are the details!

ADDRESS                 HOURS

New-York Historical Society              Tuesday-Thursday, Saturday – 10 am-6 pm
170 Central Park West                          Friday- 10am – 8pm
at Richard Gilder Way (77th St)        Sunday – 11 am-5 pm
New York, NY 10024                             Monday – CLOSED

Phone (212) 873-3400
TTY (212) 873-7489

Adults $15
Seniors and Educators $12
Students $10
Kids (7–13 years old) $5
Children under 7 FREE

Admission is pay-as-you-wish from 6-8 pm on Fridays

Let me know if you plan on checking out this exhibit – maybe we can coordinate our visits! 🙂

Also… if you’re aware of a similar type of exhibit going on in a city other than NYC, please let me know!


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