Between Beers & Football, On Sunday, it’s East vs. West!

19 Jan

It’s a classic pairing: beer & football! Tailgating just isn’t tailgating without a cold beer in hand… and if you can’t be at the game, where else would you want to watch the game, but at a bar with other fans, raucously cheering your team on to a win… again, with a cold beer in hand! 🙂

This weekend the New York Giants will face off against the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship game… and the mayors of the respective home cities of each team are engaging in another classic sports pairing: a friendly wager!

San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee agreed to drape one of his city’s trolley cars in banners from the Giants… and send Bloomberg some sourdough bread if the Giants beat the 49ers on Sunday. 

But if San Fran is victorious, Bloomberg said he would rename 49th Street “49ers Street” for a day and send Lee a dozen bagels from Bagel Oasis in Queens. [source]

Now, this is actually all pretty standard procedure, right? I mean, I’ve heard the wagers that Mayor Mike has placed for every major sporting match up in this city… but today, there was a new – and brilliant – twist!

In a joint press release from Brooklyn Brewery and Anchor Brewing Co… the bar has been raised! Not only will Sunday’s game pit team against team, and city against city… it will also pit local brewery against local brewery! Check it out…

Two of the nation’s leading craft brewers are betting that their hometown team will win the National Football Conference game this Sunday.

John Dannerbeck, president of Anchor Brewing Co. of San Francisco, and Steve Hindy, president of Brooklyn Brewery in New York, said Thursday they will pour the other brewery’s beer and outfit their brewery tour staff in jerseys from the opposing team for a week if their team loses the title game in San Francisco on Sunday.

The brewery chiefs will wear the jerseys of shame as well.

“We are very confident that the 49ers will come through for us and we will not have to suffer this humiliation,” said Dannerbeck. “We beat the Giants earlier this year, and I am sure we will do it again.”

“The Giants have come together in an impressive way since the post-season commenced,” said Hindy. “We think Eli Manning and his team are going to avenge that earlier loss and move on to the Super Bowl.”

Seriously, how great is that?! 🙂 Gotta love it! SO… when you’re deciding what beers to pick up for your shindig on Sunday… maybe consider picking up some Brooklyn beer to hopefully throw a little extra weight in their favor?! Unless, of course… you’re rooting for the West!  Either way, just one more reason to go local on Sunday while you watch the game!



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