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13 Jan

Back in October I took a road trip from Florida to NYC with my road trip partner-in-crime Jayd, who some of you may remember from another beer road trip post I did almost 2 years ago, when we were in California for my friend Megan’s wedding. As if Jayd hadn’t worked hard enough spending all day Saturday photographing Megan & Drew’s wedding, she was gracious enough to shoot some truly amazing photos for me as we visited Stone Brewing Co and The Bruery on Sunday, before our red-eye flight home to NYC. If you haven’t already checked out those photos, you can check out posts one, two, and three that I did on our amazing Sunday driving around the Southern coast of California… but I’ve included a few of my favorites here!

Looks like you could walk right through, huh? Nope... that's the bottling machine! (My favorite picture from the whole day!)

Pretty fantastic, right?! 🙂

So… why am I writing about posts I’ve already done, and about my friend Jayd? Because I absolutely HAVE TO! 🙂

As I finished writing up the last post about our FL>NYC road trip, I realized that not once in all of those posts, had I mentioned anything about Jayd being a photographer! This is actually kind of surprising, considering that I talk about her amazing talent all the time! Jayd and I worked together about 4 years ago, and since then she has built up her own photography business in New York, shooting mostly weddings, but also various other projects as well! She’s also photographed three weddings for friends of mine, and two more have hired her to shoot their weddings in 2012!

We always joke around that I’m sort of like her agent, because I talk up her mad skills all the time… but now my excitement over her talent has reached an all-time high. A few weeks ago I got to “assist” Jayd with a wedding in Connecticut! I’ve seen the end results of Jayd’s work in the photos posted on her blog, but getting to watch her in action was truly something to behold. Comments on her website from brides and grooms always reference how seamlessly Jayd blends in with the family, making everyone feel comfortable and becoming a part of the family… and I really got to see how true that is!

Aside from being very talented behind the lens as well as in the editing room, Jayd is just a really fun, easy-going, happy, silly person… yet incredibly driven as well… and with a definitely artistic eye…

I know, this has NOTHING to do with beer… but in addition to loving Jayd as a dear friend of mine, I’m honestly just so impressed with her talent, the dedication she’s put into it, and the incredible artist and businesswoman she is… especially at such a young age in such a big city 🙂 Plus, she was recently featured in a photography magazine, for her awesome use of social media to market her business!

So…….. please, check out her amazing work… and if you or anyone you know are in need of a photographer… give her a shout… you won’t regret it 🙂

Plus??? She loves craft beer AND bourbon… so you know you can trust her 😉

One Response to “Craftbeer & Photography”

  1. Beauseant March 19, 2012 at 2:01 PM #

    Great blog. Congrats on the apartment makeover. Bryan

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