FL > NYC Roadtrip!

27 Oct

A few weeks ago I was grabbing a drink with my good friend Jayd, and we were doing the standard catch-up chit chat, until Jayd casually mentions that she’s going down to FL to pick up a used car from her mom, and that she’s going to drive it back up to NYC after a few days in Miami. Luckily, my brain chose that moment to start working (it often fails me at times like this), and I say to her, “omg, that sounds like so much fun! WAIT! I’m pretty sure I have next Thursday & Friday off… what days were you planning to do the drive back up to NY??”

So of coure everything fell perfectly into place! I called my BFF, Janna, who lives in Gainesville, FL to see if she and her BEAUTIFUL identical twin 3 & a half year old daughters would be around and free for a few days (which, of course, they were!), asked my boss for Wednesday off, and proceeded to promptly book a one-way, 6:30am flight from LGA to GNV!

After a bit of a delay at Charlotte airport due to weather, I arrived in Gainesville & got to spend Wednesday – Saturday morning with three of my best girls!

See, normally I only get to see Janna & the girls twice a year… when I go down to FL in the spring to spend a week with them, and when they come home to upstate NY at Christmas, so this was a super exciting bonus trip! The other awesome thing about making a yearly trip to Gainesville, is that I have another *new* friend down there… Amie! Thanks to the magic of Twitter, we found one another and now we have a girls’ night out each time I visit!

Now here’s where we get to the beer 🙂

Obviously, if I’m taking a trip *anywhere*, I try to figure out how to factor in some craft beer! So… there are four parts to this FL > NYC craft beer love story… & each of the next 4 posts will cover one leg of the trip!

We’ll start things off in Gainesville, naturally… and keep moving north as Jayd & I work our way back home to NYC!


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