Moonlighting as a Vegan!

3 Oct

So if you’ve been following The Hops Honey for a while, you might remember that my apartment got a makeover courtesy of the Rachael Ray show about a year & a half ago. Well, while the makeover was fabulous, the one thing it wasn’t able to accomplish, was to provide me with an improved cooking set-up—otherwise known in most homes, as a kitchen!

Still, I continue to manage to cook quite often in my apartment, both because I enjoy it and because it’s super freaking expensive to eat out all the time in NYC!

So, knowing this, my friend Lindsay asked if I’d be interested in writing a guest post for her!

Lindsay and I were both living in NYC & met while a mutual friend was in town visiting. We immediately fell in love & realized that we should run away to VT together to open up a vegan (her), craft beer (me) bed & breakfast! 🙂 We’re still working out all the details… but… I’m getting off track here!

Lindsay runs a website called The Happy Herbivore, and her genius in developing low-fat, everyday, affordable, vegan meals that are simple to prepare, led to the publication of her first cookbook last year. Book #2 is on its way, and in all her downtime (Ha!) she started a new series of posts on her website’s blog, called Minimalist Monday. She’s covered meal planning, organizing your kitchen, how to de-clutter & prevent overstocking, and even e-mail management! Well, today’s Minimalist Monday post covers cooking in a 105 square foot apartment with no kitchen… courtesy of moi! 🙂

I know that the logical question here is probably percolating for you right now… No, I’m not vegan… but I do tend to abide by a mostly vegetarian diet, and am always interested in learning about different healthy ways to prepare food, and have no issues with skipping the dairy, so here & there I dabble in vegan cooking – I’m an equal opportunity cooker/eater 🙂

So… head on over to the Happy Herbivore to read all about it!



One Response to “Moonlighting as a Vegan!”

  1. atasteofbeer October 24, 2011 at 2:39 PM #

    I’m totally there, if you DO open up a vegan/craft beer b&b 🙂

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