Brooklyn Brewery Release Party – The Companion

28 Sep

I’ve never been part of the “in crowd” in any sense at any point in my life. Definitely not in high school, not really in college, and here in the city I think my type would find it fairly impossible to be part of what the rest of the non-NYC world would consider to be the “in crowd.”

With one teensy, tiny exception.

I am, truly, one of the few. The lucky. The inebriated.

Ok, not always inebriated, but at the end of one of Brooklyn Brewery’s beer release events, it’s almost a certainty. I’ve definitely gone a bit fuzzy at the end of an event or two (“wait, I went to Radegast with you after one of these??”)… and I’ve watched a friend wobble off the L train at Union Sq, and wondered for a hot second—as the doors were closing, of course—if maybe I should have gone with her…*

Hmm… this is not painting a very responsible picture… let me try to redeem myself 🙂

Last March, I managed to get on “the list” for the events that Brooklyn Brewery hosts to herald the releases of their Brewmaster’s Reserve series of beers. So far I’ve been lucky enough to attend the releases of Dark Matter, Detonation Ale, Cuvee Noire, and Main Engine Start, which was also a party to celebrate the brewery’s expansion! Getting invited to attend these events is pretty much the closest I will likely feel to being part of any type of'”in crowd”… and really, could there be any greater group to be a part of, than one that loves and celebrates craft beer?!?! I think not 🙂

With the exception of the party for Detonation Ale, which was held at the Audubon Center at the Boathouse in Prospect Park (& that was an epic party!!!), all of the releases are held at the Brewery and include sweet and savory offerings from a variety of local food vendors. It’s a glorious coming-together of the city’s many beer lovers, and an opportunity to imbibe good beer, savor tasty treats, and spend some quality with pals, new and old.

Last Monday was the lastest Brooklyn Brewery release party, and not only did we get to sample the release of Brooklyn’s new beer, The Companion, but we got to help celebrate the release of a new book on beer… & not just any ‘ol book… the Oxford Companion to Beer! Brooklyn Brewmaster Garrett Oliver was the Editor-in-Chief for the book, which is described on the Oxford University Press website thusly:

“The first major reference work to investigate the history and vast scope of beer, The Oxford Companion to Beer features more than 1,100 A-Z entries written by 166 of the world’s most prominent beer experts.”

It is a massive tome, and I jumped at the chance to pick up a copy so as to hopefully have it signed by Mr. Oliver himself…


While I clearly did get him to sign it, the highlight of my evening was meeting Horst Dornbusch, the book’s Associate Editor, and a true charmer!!! While my standing date for these events, Rebecca, is eternally smitten with Garrett…


… my bets are definitely on Horst 🙂


It may not be everyone’s version of the “in crowd,” but getting to attend these events definitely makes me feel super special & happy… and I look forward to many more with a pretty little redhead on my arm!

(The Self-Portrait Project was set up at the Brewery so that we could all take photos of ourselves in front of a drool-worthy backdrop of Brooklyn beer… Check out the rest of them on their Facebook page! Cheers!)

Special thanks to my good buddy I Drunk That for the gorgeous photos… and, as always, for the great companionship at these and many other events!


* Just in case you were concerned… my friend made it home just fine, safe & sound! We craft beer drinkers may wobble, but we don’t fall down… usually 😉

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