8,000+ Miles & One Epic Beer!

22 Sep

One of the things that I love *most* about craft beer, is that its appeal has no limits. ANYONE can become infatuated with good beer. It doesn’t matter your gender or your age, what walk of life you come from… or even what part of the world!

Another thing I love, is how beautifully craft beer goes along with social media. Because there are no limits, no qualifications, no guidelines for who out there might also love good beer, you can meet anyone and immediately have a non-political, boundary-less common point of interest!

And so it was, that I “met” CurdNerd via Twitter, about a year and a half ago! According to his profile, he’s an “Obsessed cheesemonger, maker & real ale drinker.”  He also happens to live in New Zealand! He got in touch with me prior to his 2010 visit to NYC, on the occasion of the first ever Cheesemonger Invitational but, alas, we were not able to meet up on that visit.

Fast forward to this July, and we were finally able to meet up (at the Blind Tiger, of course!) while he was here for the 2nd annual ‘monger invitational 🙂

Oh, yeah… did you notice that there’s a beer in the pix?! Yup… that, my good friends, is a bottle of HOP ZOMBIE from Epic Beer, in Auckland, New Zealand… and it was brought directly to me by CurdNerd for my hop-loving enjoyment!! This is a beer that isn’t available in the U.S. (or anywhere else outside of New Zealand I don’t think…), so being able to sample it is a HUGE treat, and I feel VERY lucky to have been able to try it!

It took me a week or so to find a suitable time to sit down and try this beer… and let me say that HOP ZOMBIE is an absolutely DELICIOUS experience!!

The first impression I got was the gorgeous color – like a gorgeous glowing fire! And the aroma was SO heavenly hoppy that it was like sticking your head into a big ‘ol bag of fresh hops! I was in love, and I hadn’t even taken my first sip!

“oh, sweet Jesus…”

That’s what my notes say… true story.

Surprisingly light mouthfeel, given that it’s an imperial IPA,
which is of course a scary thing 😉

It wasn’t *too* bitter, yet also not too sweet and not overly citrusy… so it sort of hit all of my hop-loving pleasure centers equally! I really had to struggle to not guzzle it all down at once, but it was SO good that I almost couldn’t help myself. Luckily, I exercised some restraint and just enjoyed sipping slowly on this delicious beer, & watching people walk past my stoop.

So again, a HUGE thanks to my buddy CurdNerd for bringing this beer 8,000+ miles to impart with me the glorious hoppiness that’s coming out of such a far away land! If you are so lucky as to find yourself in posession of a bottle of this beer and, like me, are a huge hop head… here’s my advice to you:

Be a bad friend. Be selfish. Savor this beer… the only downside is knowing that you might not get another sip! 🙂



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