Northampton Brewery

14 Feb

Last stop folks, everybody off!  Our last stop of the day was Northampton Brewing Co in, you guessed it, Northampton, MA!  By this point, Matt & I were feeling pretty giddy & VERY grateful to have Heather along to man the driving!  We weren’t able to tour the NBC as it was fairly ‘late’ on a Saturday afternoon, but we did belly up to the bar & do a flight!  One of our bartenders, Eric, was a super friendly fella who’d lived in Williamsburg for a year… and he took wonderful care of us!

One of the first things that cracked me up when we got there & I looked at the board to see what they had on tap, was that they have a beer called “Byzantine Blonde”!  See, when I was at the wedding in CA some of the folks I met veeeeery late in the evening on Friday after the booze cruise were a little fuzzy on my name the next morning, and said “what was her friend’s name? Byzantine?” LOL  Yup, nice to meet you, my name is Byzantine!  I texted a new friend from the wedding to let her know that NBC had “my beer”! 🙂

Before I even get into the beers that we tried, I have to mention the pretzels… I’m not talking about a bowl of bar pretzels, but rather their PHENOMENAL hot pretzels served with THE MOST DELICIOUS beer-cheddar dipping sauce ever!!!  We very quickly worked our way through two orders… YUM!

Ok, on to the beer…

  • Hommel Bier: nice citrusy hops flavor… and wow, the smell really matches the taste on this one, with the citrus & hops seeming to be in equal part harmony!
  • Windbreaker Hefeweizen: this was a malty hefe, a darker hefe… It definitely presents with banana & clove, but it’s a bit meatier & heavier…
  • Byzantine Blonde: a lightly malted blonde that was almost a bit metallic… even though it would seem to be my namesake beer, I wasn’t really a fan… stink!
  • Redheaded Stepchild: this was tart & very carbonated – it kinda picks you up!  It was fun to drink this somehow… lol
  • Northampton Pale Ale: nice light hoppiness, & the description for this is PERFECT! (yup, please turn to the ‘beer descriptions’ page!)
  • Pumpkin – NICE cinnamon/nutmeg/pumpkin balance – very impressive!  I tasted a lot of pumpkin beers at the Blind Tiger’s event and this is one of my favorites!
  • Scuba’s Marzen: um… hmm, how to put this delicately… it tastes like pot? LOL  Matt & I discussed it & decided that a safer way to describe it would be to say that it tasted a bit nutty. Hi mom!
  • Black Cat Stout: chocalate? Check.  Coffe? Check.  It’s a choxy-coffee stout. Does it stand out?  Not really…
  • Harvest Ale: This has Wet Hops! Remember our lesson on Wet Hops?!? (they got 15 pounds of Wet Hops from a farm in Northfield, MA!) It’s got a nice earthy/dirty mellow hops flavor… me likey!

Heather and I had a super fun day - see the big smiles?!

So, after our day of little samplers, Matt & I decided to ‘treat’ ourselves with a full beer… partially ‘cause they had GreenFlash IPA on tap & I really wanted Matt to try it, and partially ‘cause I wanted to try the Smuttynose Big A Double IPA!  (Not like all the beer sampling wasn’t treat enough! Lol)

Smuttynose Big A Double IPA

Matt fell in LOVE with the Green Flash! (duh!)  As for me & the Smuttynose, I kinda developed a little crush myself!  Big smell & big flavor, with a little bit of a dirty/earth flavor to it!

Matt enjoying his first Green Flash IPA!

While NBC is more of a brew-pub than a full-on brewery, we had a really great time wrapping up our day here & enjoyed the brew and the grub… plus, it’s right below the main drag in Northampton, so it’s totally ‘accessible’!  Pop in & sample some good beer & definitely order the pretzels!!! YUM

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