Homebrewing with Tony

27 Jan

Homebrew Batch Caps

One of my ‘success stories’ in starting this blog, is with my friend Tony!  Well, Tony is more my friend Jo’s friend… but I knew him back in the day when I too lived up in CT.  So, when I was ready to share the blog I sent out a mass e-mail to friends & foes and asked, among other things, that they pass it along to anyone they thought might be interested.  Jo, that little minx, forwarded my e-mail to Tony because he and his cousin have been doing some pretty serious homebrewing for the past three years.


That was part of what I wanted to get out of the blog:  to find other like-minded beer lovers and be able to have a dialogue with them!  So, Tony & I started exchanging e-mails & he said that when I was next up in CT he’d have me over to sample some of the beers he’d been developing.

So, after our lovely evening at Thomas Hooker, we headed on over to his house & here’s what we got to try!

** disclaimer **


This was my first real sampling of homebrews and… to be fair, I really didn’t expect a lot! LOL  I don’t mean to not sound encouraging or optimistic, but it all just seems like such a mystery to me that I couldn’t imagine personally having much success at it, so I thought it might be kinda weak… but… I was 100% wrong!  Phew!  Go, Tony!

Blonde Ale – this was a very light, refreshing & crisp beer, with a lot of carbonation!  Tony told us that it was an unfiltered beer and that he had used Cascade hops in it.  My friend Matt & I liked this beer a lot!

This beer actually won first place in a regional homebrewing competition!

Amber Ale #1 – This beer won 2nd place in a homebrew competition, had a nice hops for an amber which balanced well with the malt.  We tasted a bit of apricot in the middle of this one!

2nd Place Winner!

Amber Ale #2 – Tony told us that this beer was lighter in hops, and while it definitely was less overtly hoppy, there was still a really nice bitterness to this beer.

XXX – His triple X was a brown porter that blended flavors of chocolate, coffee and expresso, with a bit of a molasses aftertaste.  Tony was super sweet and let me bring home an extra bottle of this, as well as the Amber Ales #1 & 2!

It was great to see Tony and his wife again and see an example of how it is possible to really make a go of it with homebrewing.  I’ve been doing so many brewery tours lately and seeing the end product of the trial and error, struggles and determination of people who started out just where Tony & his cousin are now, and it was really cool to see the ‘starting point’ so to speak.  He and his cousin are fully dedicated to opening a brewery in the next few years, and I can’t wait to see how everything turns out… but I do know that they’re definitely on the right track, as far as the beers they’re putting out already!

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