Cali, Part 3 – Stone Brewing Co. (Part A)

2 Jan


While there was certainly magic in the air on Saturday for Megan & Drew’s wedding, the stars truly collided on Sunday creating one of the most memorable experiences for our little trio…  honestly, throughout the day we all kept exclaiming and proclaiming…


And really, you wouldn’t think the stars were aligned for us at first, given that we were each operating on an average of 3-4 hours sleep, and one of us was a stranger!

Here’s how it went…


At about 2am the night before, my fabulous friend Jayd and I happened to befriend one of the other wedding guests… a charming fellow named Daniel!  We decided to go out on a little dock at the hotel to have a beer and at this point what with the hotel bar being closed and the only option a cooler full of Bud Light, that was the can that filled my hand… until… I noticed, in the dark, that our new friend Daniel was holding a long neck bottle…

“whatcha got there?”

I asked innocently enough…

“a Deschutes Inversion IPA”

was his response.




“omg, PLEASE can I have that?!?!?”


Ladies, chivalry is NOT dead… Daniel conceded the beer to me, seeing the delight it would bring me… and because he happened to have another one in his back pocket!


He then said to Jayd under his breath…

“it would have been even nicer of me if I had given her the full one!”


“good point… Gimme!”  says me…

and so, I got to trash my Bud Light & do a MAJOR upgrade to a Deschutes… truly the best 2am post-wedding gift you could ever get!

Well, naturally from that interaction the conversation revolved around Daniel’s & my shared love of craft beer… and at some point I mentioned that I’d been down to Green Flash & Port Brewing/Lost Abbey on Friday and was headed out to Stone Brewing Co. & The Bruery the next morning…



Now it was Daniel’s turn to freak out…

“I’m coming with you!!!!” says he…


Turns out that Daniel, who is from/lives in Louisville, KY is a HUGE Stone fan & had wished that he could get down there while he was out in CA but hadn’t been able to swing it… but… huzzah! Now he could tag along with us!

Luckily, Jayd and I are both super open & huge fans of making new friends & having adventures whenever we can!

Sure, said we, to our friend of only an hour… come spend the day with us… BUT… we are leaving promptly at 9am… “if you’re not there we’re leaving without you!”

Fast forward to 9:30am & Jayd & I are pestering the bride & groom for Daniel’s last name to call his room (turns out he’s a cousin to the groom!), because we couldn’t find him because WE were late… and in the end it turns out that he had been up & at’em early & left a cute little note under our rental car’s wiper!

Anywho, around 10am, we hungover three, finally hit the sunny road down to Escondido and the famed Stone Brewing Co… which you can hear all about in Stone, part B!

Meanwhile… here are a few pix that Jayd snapped on our drive down from Long Beach to Escondido!  We took a mini detour through Balboa Island which was super fun… because we got to ride on the tiniest ferry ever – it only holds 3 cars at a time!  Check it out!  Also… see if you can spot the two seals lounging ON the boats we passed!

That's the other ferry going back across - 3 cars! How cute!

Can you spot the 2 seals on the boats?

Not bad scenery for a Sunday drive, huh?

Sweet old Chrysler we shared the road with for a time...

We might have skipped church for beer, but church came to us!

Stone Part B, all about our actual tour & time at Stone is up next… 🙂


All pix in all of these posts about Stone Brewing Co & The Bruery were taken by my amazingly talented friend Jayd Gardina… photographer extraordinare!  Check out her incredible work here!

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