Flashes of Green Genius

5 Dec

greenflashI may have gone to Cali for my friends Megan & Drew’s wedding, but my first official order of business was to head on down to Green Flash Brewing Co. bright & early Friday morning.  I picked up the rental car & started the 2 hour trek down to Vista for my tour that I had scheduled with Grant.  I got lost 🙂 lol  Even with my trusty GoogleMaps app on my phone, I ended up on the phone with Grant & had him virtually hold my hand for the last 10 minutes of the trip… until I was practically in the parking lot!

~~ I should just mention that my first experience with Green Flash was back in April when I took my first ever trip out to Cali… that trip was sort of the turning point for me & my love affair with beer, and Green Flash’s Imperial IPA was a big part of that!  I had never had it before… heck, I hadn’t ever heard of it before… and I tried it & immediately became a smitten kitten!  Recently, I had the pleasure of introducing Green Flash to my friend Matt, and he too now has a little crush on Green Flash!

But… back to the story at hand… ~~

Grant was a little surprised to se me… rather, to see JUST me… ’cause he thought I was showing up with a group to do a tour! Alas, it was just me!  Grant totally switched gears with ease & asked me what I’d like to get out of my time at Green Flash, and asked if I understood the beer-making process… and I totally jumped at the opportunity to ask if he’d be willing to sort of walk me through it, ’cause I had only a fuzzy understanding!  I’ll be writing another post about the process… so check back for that one!

Here are a few nuggets from my Green Flash experience!

  • Their “30th St. Pale Ale” is named after the North Park area in San Diego, where there are a bunch of bars along 30th Street.  I was psyched when Grant mentioned this ’cause during my trip out to Cali in April (yes, yes… I know… I haven’t put any posts up about that yet, but I will! I promise!) I went to two of the bars on 30th Street… Hamilton’s & Toronado… both of which SERIOUSLY ROCK!!! Honest, I will write about all of that soon 🙂
  • Chuck Silva is the brewmaster at Green Flash – for those of you who are curious what a brewmaster gets to do… he gets to create the recipes for the beers! We appreciate their hard work & creativity!
  • The fellas of Green Flash were definitely working hard while I was there, but Ernie was sweet enough to take a break & take a picture of me around & about the brewery… see?  Thanks, Ernie!

Oh, what? really? It's supposed to go in a glass first? Sorry... my bad...

  • Some of their beers are fermented in old wine & liquor barrels so as to add another layer to the beer… for example, their double stout is aged in a whiskey barrel, their barleywine in a brandy barrel, and their Belgian IPA in a red wine barrel!  Nice barrels 🙂  PA161055So big thanks to my new buddy Grant for showing me such a great time at Green Flash!!! It was a great way to start off my Friday 🙂  PA161057Seriously though, check back for Beer-Making 101 @ Green Flash for a more detailed accounting of my beer edumacation there 🙂

Up next? I traveled on to visit The Lost Abbey & Port Brewing!


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