Inspiring Amanda

14 Nov

It’s working!!!!!

(insert evil, sinister laugh here: muaaaa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!)

One of my best gal pals, Amanda, recently moved out to LI & she and her boyfriend have been making the rounds of the local restaurants & pubs. They recently stumbled (not literally… they’re totally not lushes!) upon a bar that has a pretty decent beer list! Emboldened by all of my recent beer exploration, Amanda perused the list, recognized Stone from my exultations, and ordered a Stone IPA, in honor of me!

<<sniff>>  I’m so proud!

After that, she asked the bartender for a recommendation on something that wouldn’t be too bitter and, unfortunately, the bartender dropped a menu in front of her & walked away! A note: I know that there are a TON of really spectacular bartenders out there who are more than willing to go out of their way to help a gal out, and I also know that no matter how pleasant you may be in general, everyone’s going to have a bad day. I get that. What I would ask though, is that you don’t discount the ladies when they come up to the bar & want your help! Not every guy automatically knew everything about beers, and neither do we! Be excited that we’re trying to learn & not just ordering another cosmo or sex on the beach!

Ok, so the beer Amanda decided on next was a Lambec Framboise that, although she did enjoy, was just a little sweet to make her order another… plus, it was served in a small glass which she didn’t prefer. Luckily, a friend of hers who was along on this outing suggested that she tried SixPoint’s Sweet Action, which they had on tap. Not surprisingly (‘cause it’s damn good!), she liked it! She said that it was a really good in between beer… which makes sense, since it’s like night & day between the Stone IPA & the Framboise!

Bottom line? Given that when we used to go out together a few years ago she was a solid Bud or Amstel girl… I’m super proud of her & excited that she was willing to try some new beers… Go Amanda!

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