Float On Down the Delaware to River Horse

4 Nov


Next up on my nostalgia-inspired brewery tour, was River Horse, in Lambertville!  First of all, it was such a kick to drive from Easton to Lambertville, tracing the routes I used to take as a kid!

Luckily for me, my girlfriend Urs has a girlfriend who lives in Lambertville who was more than happy to meet up with me for some beers and, ultimately, let me crash on her couch!  Thanks, Emily!!! 🙂

At River Horse I sampled 5 beers, met a super friendly fella named Jim, and took a self-guided tour!  It was such a great little brewery in a cool, old brick building right along the river… so adorable 🙂

RiverHorse 2

I started out with their Lager which was a nice light lager but, to me wasn’t anything too remarkable.

beer_tripel_labelNext was the Tripel which was very good!  This stood out much more in terms of flavor – there was a sweetness that reminds me of  a wheat with a hint of banana and maybe a little maltiness?

On to the Witt, which was the beer I sampled at the beer festival & introduced me to River Horse in the first place!  Just as good the second time… not as sweet as some witts, but a very nice balance.

Last up in the “official” sampling, was their Hop Hazard.  I had gotten a smell from Jim’s sample that seemed super strong to me, but when I got mine I didn’t get the smell!  But, wow… the earthy, hoppy taste… it’s enough to kick you in the pants!!!

As I was picking out the singles that I wanted to buy, I asked the guy manning the samples if there were any other beers that I should be taking home in addition to what I could see in the cooler, and he produced their Hefe-Ryzen ale which, given my trepidation with Rye beers, I wasn’t confident I’d be a fan of.  It was an orange and banana wheat beer and while it was “ok”, it wasn’t really something I was destined to become a fan of.

If you happen to be within driving distance of Lambertville, I really would highly recommend taking the trip… River Horse is a great little brewery to visit, and the town is super adorable.  It’s kinda like a two-for-one deal ’cause you’ve got Lambertville on one side of the Delaware River, and New Hope on the other… and both are full of shops, galleries, restaurants & bars.  It’s the perfect weekend trip from the city!

Next up… Emily & I walked across the river to go to Triumph!  C’mon back for the third installment of the Nostalgia Tour ’09!


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