Who, What, Where, When… Weyerbacher!

2 Nov

At the end of my last post, I was just finishing up at Alba Vineyards, yeah?  Well, from there I hauled bacon up to Easton, PA to try and make it to Weyerbacher before they closed at 3!  I raced into the parking lot at 2:55pm… yikes!

Weyerbacher's Tasting/Sales Area

Weyerbacher's Tasting/Sales Area

I hustled inside only to be confronted by racks of beer, and some signage that indicated that cases were the only way to walk out of their with beer in hand.  I bellied up to the tasting bar & asked what the deal was with the cases & purchase and started to ask for a recommendation (‘cause I’m not at all familiar with their beers!)…

After an initially lukewarm reception, the girl behind the counter sent her manager, Will, over to talk to me… and he could not have been nicer/more helpful!  Thanks Will!!!

He really spent time talking to me… asked me what types of beers I was partial to and, when I told him I was into hoppy beers, immediately set out to having me taste three of their hoppy-best! (“reviews” below!)

In the end, I left it to Will to custom-build a case for me based on my preferences as well as which beers of theirs I “needed’ to try.  It was so much fun to get such a wide variety to take home with me!

So here’s what we sampled:

Weyerbacher_HarvestAleHarvest Ale – They use fresh hops within 48 hours of picking them – specifically, cascade & nugget hops.  It had a really “meaty” hops flavor.  Very nutty & super hoppy.  Will said it’s a pretty great treat, out East, to get the super fresh hops!


Hops Infusion – this contains 7 varieties of hops!!! Will said that this would be more bitter than the Harvest, but to me, the smell was sweeter right off.  I definitely liked the Harvest better, and even if this one is technically more bitter, it’s somehow mellower.

Weyerbacher_SimcoeIPASimcoe IPA – oh man, this smelled SO good!  And the taste?  Holy cow, it was grassy, like literally having hops in your mouth! I had this both as the regular version on tap and the bottle conditioned version, and the bottle conditioned was the bigger hit, with the hops in your mouth taste!

Here’s what was packed into my case…

2 Autumn Fest
4 Hops Infusion
2 Old Heathen
1 Merry Monks
1 Blithering Idiot (a barleywine, like Sierra Nevada’s Bigfoot)
4 Imperial Pumpkin Ale
4 Harvest Ale
4 Double Simcoe IPA
2 14th Anniversary – one of the Ale, and one of the Special Dark – apparently it’s the same beer, taste-wise, but the darker color occurred in one batch because they accidentally used barley meant for bread, not beer.  Will said that if you taste a difference, it’s just your mind playing tricks on you  because you see the color difference & expect a taste difference… but honestly? I tasted a difference!!!! Do mine tastebuds deceive me? (Additionally, I should note, these two beers somehow made my mouth a little numb! Weird… but fun :))

Shafer wonders if it isn’t the same thing really…

your mind or your tastebuds playing tricks on you…

whatcha think?  I think he makes a pretty valid point…

Overall, I really liked the beers I sampled, and I can’t wait to explore all the other ones in the case… especially their Old Heathen, which Will suggested I make a float out of! I’ll have to post back when I get around to trying that 🙂

One Response to “Who, What, Where, When… Weyerbacher!”

  1. Mat Falco November 2, 2009 at 5:58 PM #

    Weyerbacher is an awesome brewery, glad you finally got to check them out. They make oak aged versions of the Old Heathen and Blithering Idiot which are called Heresy and Insanity. I’ll try and pick up some bottles before thanksgiving and bring them back for you. They’re awesome, especially the Heresy. You’ll have to let me know what else you can’t get in NY so i can bring you up stuff.

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