Nostalgia Tour ’09

2 Nov

This Nostalgia Tour is being brought to you in three part harmony!  Ok, so not harmony, but three parts definitely!  The next three posts will be dedicated to the three breweries I visited on the great Nostalgia Tour of ’09 🙂

When I went to the beer festival in NYC a few months back I sampled a beer that was from Lambertville, NJ.  Now, until I was 9 I lived in Finesville, NJ, which is just down the road from Lambertville, so I was very excited to learn there was a brewery there… namely, RiverHorse!

About a month ago now, I got the random use of a friend’s car for the weekend & was looking for where to go to hit some local breweries & discovered Weyerbacher & Triumph were right near RiverHorse & my old stomping grounds!

Not so early on a Saturday morning I set out from Park Slope and headed out to good ‘ol Western Jersey!  I first went to Finesville to see my old house & neighborhood.  I hadn’t been back in a little while, so it was great!  I even spoke to some people who were hanging around on the street, and one of them remembered me & my family from when we lived there!  Mind you, this was about 20 years ago!  He even took a picture for me in front of my old house!  After I had satisfied my nostalgia, I headed out… only to discover that there is now a vineyard up & running 2 doors down from my old best friend’s house!  Of course, I had to stop in…

Alba Vineyards is located in Finesville and has been operational since 1984.  I did a sampling and ended up buying a bottle of their blueberry wine, which was absolutely delicious!

It was at this point that I checked my list of breweries and also checked my watch… and realized that I was in danger of missing one!  So, to find out more… read on, my beer-loving friends!

One Response to “Nostalgia Tour ’09”

  1. Audrey December 17, 2009 at 7:20 PM #

    While there is much that is old, there is also a great deal of new and exciting activity in good ol’ Finesville. You missed a SECOND vineyard – Villa Milagro Vineyards – just down the road. And now there is an Alpaca Farm and a Creamery (cheese) all within a stone’s throw of your old home. Come on out again and visit the rest of us!!

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