Another Wednesday, Another Trip to the BT…

16 Oct

A few weeks ago Rebecca & I headed down to the Blind Tiger after work to have some beers before we each had to go our separate ways to other plans (me to Hoboken with Amanda to listen to her high school friend play at a bar… and Rebecca to meet up with some friends for dinner!).

So it was a Wednesday, and  luckily, even though there wasn’t a formal event, they still had cheese!  Hooray!!!  So, here’s what I had!

I started with two Smuttynose offerings – their IPA and their Farmhouse.  The IPA was fine enough, but the Farmhouse was a bit more interesting, only because I got to compare it to another farmhouse beer… The Smuttynose Farmhouse was definitely the tarter one of the two (tarter, as in more tart… not as in the sauce in which to dip your stick of fish!)

The other farmhouse beer was the Allagash Fluxes.  This was a bit sweeter and lighter than the Smuttynose, and I kinda liked it better.

I haven’t written about this (and likely won’t), but I had a really bad taste experience with a Rye beer a few months back and since then have just steered miles away from any mention of a Rye beer.  BUT, since I trust Oz to not steer me wrong, I let him pour me a sample of Manhattan Project, which is Brooklyn’s Rye Ale.

Once again, Oz did not disappoint!  A while back I tried a Shiraz for the first time and, upon not liking it, decided that must mean that I didn’t like Shiraz in general.  Imagine my surprise when I tried one at a friend’s urging & found that I liked it!  Lesson learned?  You can’t judge an entire style based on one sample!

This beer totally gave me a lilac taste!  I had Rebecca taste it to ‘confirm’ and while she didn’t taste lilac specifically, she definitely did get a floral tone from it.  I guess overall it’s kinda like a chocolate lilac mix?  Weird sounding, but totally delicious!

Next I sampled some of Rebecca’s Troegs Hop Back which was a nice amber ale with a nice hoppy balance – I t hink that I’m realizing that I like Troegs’ offerings!

Last licks = Rockies Hazed & Infused.  Now, I’m pretty sure I’ve had this before, but this time it tasted a bit… squashy!  To be fair, I had spaghetti squash the night before, so maybe it was just an earthy connection between the squash and the taste of freshly harvested hops?  Either way, it was an interesting beer!

Bonus from this night?  I finished the first row on my new BT card! yippee!

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