I Stayed Upright at Manchester Pub!

27 Sep

Taps at Manchester PubDuring Craft Beer Week I totally slacked off.  Yep, horrible.

One of the bars I DID manage to pop into after work one day was the Manchester Pub!  I was a ninny & hadn’t brought any cash with me, so I asked the bartender if she’d be able to just put $2 on my  card or if they had a minimum and, just as she was turning around to check… Crash! Bang! Boom! lol

omg, this poor girl… so the tables there are high-tops and they’re kind of set up close together, and this girl went to hop up into her stool…. and missed….. she fell backwards with the stool, into another stool/table set-up, and somehow managed to take about 4 pints full of beer with her!! I swear, the whole thing happened in major slow-mo & she just kept going down, down, down…… YIKES…… lol  SO funny though & quite a way to start out my visit to teh Manchester!

But seriously, on to the beer!

My first beer was Rogue’s HazelNut Brown Nectar (go to the new Beer Descriptions page to find out the official word on the beer!), and it was really cool.  It tastes like hazelnut coffee with cream & sugar! I actually liked this even though it’s a brown ale and, at 5.2% it’s totally a good drinking beer, for a “dark” beer!

My second beer (I only had time to have 2 half beers ’cause I was on my way to a beer-pairing dinner – post on that coming up next!) was Southern Tier’s Mokah.  It smells a little chocolate, and tastes like some kind of candy I’ve had before but I couldn’t figure it out… maybe it’s a malted milkball?  So the official description is on the BD page, but basically it’s a combination of their chocolate and coffee-flavored beers!  Again, I think I like it because it’s flavored.  It’s kind of like when you first start to drink coffee and all the super sugared, flavored ones help initiate you to coffee until you an really stand/appreciate the bitterness of it, yeah?

Meanwhile, I met three super fun people at Manchester… Dana (super sweet!) started chatting with me right away… Tara took great care of me from behind the bar… and Louis was super happy to beer-geek out with me, and had me try a sample of Harpoon’s Leviathan Imperial IPA… it was a really nice almost even balance between strong hops and a sweetness!

It was a great Craft Beer Week sponsored trip to Manchester, and I’ll definitely stop back again soon!


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