Elysian Takes Over the Blind Tiger… and Me!

27 Sep




So I’ve written previously of my love for Elysian’s Avatar Jasmine IPA, but last Wednesday just took my Elysian-appreciation to a whole new level!!!  This event was the first time that I’d seen the Jasmine IPA on tap since I first fell in love, so I couldn’t help but start with that and, I’m very happy to report that it tasted just as scrumdidliumptious as it did at first sip! 🙂 I swear, I could feel my friend in OR absolutely seething with jealousy from 3,000 miles away!

After I’d satisfied my Jasmine craving, I perused the beer list and after several chuckles, decided I’d start with this:

Loser Pale Ale (Corporate beer sucks): Celebrating 20 years of celebrating Sub Pop Records, with beer.  Specifically, this beer: Brewed with Pale, Munich, Crystal and Cara-hell malts.  Bittered with Sorachi Ace and finished with Crystal hops.  Light tropical flavors balanced with a crisp malt-hop finish – Street smart but ot athletic. ABV 7%

There was something a little bit orange-peel-ish for me… kind of like when you’re eating an orange slice off the rind, and after the juicy sweetness, you hit the peel & get that little bit of bitterness… very yummy though!

From there I had to try the Poivre… wouldn’t you, with a description like this??

Saison Poivre (A Belgian farmhouse-style ale with a fiery and aromatic touch): Brewed with Pale, Munich, Cara-Munich and wheat malts, bittered with German Northern Brewer and finished with Czech Saaz hops.  Ground black, white, green and pink peppercorns are added to the end of the boil, with more pink added to the whirlpool and in the bright tank.  ABV 7%

Elysian PoivreHere’s the Poivre with my cheeeese!!!!

Seriously? Black, white, green & pink peppercorns went into a beer? What the heck is this going to taste like??  (Luckily Gary let me have a sip of his first to see if I wanted to get a full glass!)  Holy Peppercorn!!! I had 4 of my friends taste it once I ordered one (oh yeah, one sip of Gary’s was enough to 100% sell me on this!), and we ALL had shocked-face reactions… ya know where you take the sip, and then kind of jerk your head back while your eyebrows go up and you’re experiencing that sense of “omg, I totally did not expect that!”??

After that treat, Oz let me sample the Dragonstooth Stouth, on both draft & cask… here’s the descrip:

Dragonstooth Stout (Sturdy, malty, rich, velvety & smooth): The name is referential to the founders of Thebes, warriors who sprang from the earth when the teeth of a slain dragon were sown by Cadmus.  Made with 10% rolled oats, roasted barley, Crystal, Munich and chocolate malts.  Bittered with Magnum, finished with Cascade and Centennial hops.  7.45% ABV

The cask version was a little lighter, a bit sweeter, and obviously less carbonation… whereas the draft version was colder, more carbonated & wish a stronger hop profile… and more malt?  I ended up ordering a half of the cask because there was a taste that I was having a hard time identifying, but couldn’t quite ever figure out… argh… 😦

My next move was to Elysian’s Golden Boot:

Golden Boot Ale (A nice touch): In honor of Seattle soccer – a flavorful and drinkable golden ale brewed with pale, Munich and cara-hell and wheat malts.  Bittered and finished with Simcoe, with late additions of East Kent Goldings.  5% ABV

Light, a tad bitter after taste, but yet a sweetness as well… definitely crisp & refreshing!

Next was on to the Haleakala (Hibiscus Sour Ale), which I thought was another cider-y brew…

but from there, oh dear, I went on to the…

Delorean (Back to the Future?): Brewed in celebration of the Latona Pub’s 22nd anniversary, the Delorean is a retro NO Red Ale, with pale, Munich, crystal and biscuit malts, bittered with Chinook and finished with Chinook and Cascade hops.  6.15% ABV

THIS is my malt-gateway beer! Definite malt up front, but there are hops in the back, and some kind of sweetness.  (I realize that each week it seems like I’m identifying a new malt-gateway beer… and so maybe this just means that I’m warming up to malty-beers??)

omg, really? I had more beer? yikes… ok, seems like the next one up was…

Reunion 2009 (Double Wheat Ale): Reunion Beer is dedicated to raising awareness and funding for Myeloma ad Bone Cancer Research. The 2009 Version – A Double Wheat Ale is draught only and being brewed with Pale malt, Torrified Wheat, Accidulated Malt, Weyeran Wheat and Great Western White Wheat, Bittered with Sorachi Ace hops and spiced with orange peel, lemon grass and coriander.  ABV 6.9%. Reunion 2009 is hazy Golden with a pronounced citrus nose, fruity middle and rich soft finish.

This beer definitely continues on my new love for hefeweizens… and I get the lemon grass reference!  Meanwhile, as I was enjoying the reunion, I overheard this GEM of a comment that someone made, in explaining the Blind Tiger to a friend…

It’s like a little chapel where you can worship beer!

Yes, yes it is… well done, my friend!

3 more to go…

On to my first sour!

The Trip III (Dark Sour Blend): The third beer in the collaboration beer series between New Belgium and Elysian, Trip III is a blen dof Dark LAger (70%) brewed at Elysian and aged sour ale (Foudre 13-30)) brewed at New Belgium.  The Trip pours a reddish-brown with a taste that blends hints of sour cherry and peach, with a very nice chewy-tart finish. 5.7% ABV

I reeeeeally did NOT expect to like a sour.  I’m not sure why, but I just figured they wouldn’t be my pint of beer.  Then again, based on one syrah, I “decided” that I didn’t like them across the board, and I was later proved wrong… remember, ladies, you can’t judge one entire type of beer/wine based on one example!  So, for me, the sour had a really yummy cinnamon/nutmeg smell, almost like a winter warmer type of beer, but it had a somewhat cider-y taste to it.

Given the success of my first sour, I decided to boldly try another… namely, the…

Sour Power – Pro Am (Flemish-style Wood Aged Sour Ale): Sour Power, the artist formerly known as Pucker Puss, was brewed with pale, cara-hell, Special B and cara-Vienne malts, with dark Belgian candy and turbinado sugars, mild and dark molasses, corainder and orange peel in the boil.  Bittered and flavored with EKG; finished with Saaz.  Golden raisins in the fermenter.  Secondary fermentation (isothermic, through the heat wave and everything) in port and whiskey barrels then blended before chilling, carbonation and racking.  Fermented with Trappist ale yeast and then with Wyeast Roeselare yeast.  7% ABV

Really? Who knew sours were good?!? Prolly lots of people, but not me!  I don’t know why I didn’t think I’d like them, but they’re really quite lovely!  Still, again… damn that coriander!

Had to close out with their…

Hubris Imperial IPA (Our hop delivery device): A mash-tun-ful of Pale malt with a handful of Wheat, Chinook, Cascade and Cetennial hops everywhere with a handful of whole Mt. Hoods.  For all the hops fans out there – you know who you are.  8.7% ABV

Once again, smells sooooo good/hoppy!!! I’m too easy… lol  Very delish hops taste – not TOO strong, but definitely very present!

Overall? VERY happy with my Elysian experience, and so glad to know that they’re good for more than just a snazzy Jasmine IPA!


One Response to “Elysian Takes Over the Blind Tiger… and Me!”

  1. The Spicy Vegan October 5, 2009 at 12:40 AM #

    Your friend is Oregon was totally seething with jealousy! YUM!!

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