Introducing Kelly To Good Beer

24 Sep

I’m a girl who’s seriously into beer; good beer.  This, sadly, is not the norm it would seem.  Yes, I know that ‘we’ are out there but I think that we are still in the minority. So, one of my services to womankind, is to try and help them discover this wonderful world of beer.  My latest success story has been with Kelly, who is a wonderful new colleague at work!

Kelly, Rebecca and I decided to go out for drinks after work one day, and I suggested that we go to the Blind Tiger, of course!  Now, it’s important to note that Kelly is a recent college grad and as we all know, beer in college is about being super cheap and being able to chug a lot of it, which usually means light beer.  True to form, if you ask Kelly she’ll say that she likes Bud Light.  While I definitely enjoy a nice Bud Light from time to time, or for camping/tailgating, it’s not the best option at the Blind Tiger.  You have to take advantage of good beer when it’s available!

I went up to Oz when we got there and explained that my friend likes Bud Light, and I asked him what he could recommend for her to try that might be along those lines.  He poured me a taste of something and I brought it to Kelly.  She tasted it and said “it’s fine.”  My response?  “Nope, ‘fine’ is not good enough… can you try and tell me what it is about this beer that you don’t like?”  Kelly said that it was a little bitter, and it was super cute ‘cause she said “is that ok to say?”

Note to all unsure female beer attempters out there:  It’s always OK to try and describe a beer, and you can never be “wrong”!  If you think it tastes a certain way, then to you it does, and so it’s totally legit.  The best thing you can do is to try and describe the beer, talk about it, ask questions, and tell your server what you do & don’t like!!!

So, I asked Oz for something that was still light, but a little less bitter, and when Kelly tasted option #2, she said “omg, I LOVE it!”  Huzzah!! He had given her a hefeweizen (I want to say that it was the Ommegang Witte, but I’m not certain!), and so what we learned is that Kelly likes a wheat beer for a little more non-bitter flavor than a Bud Light.

It was SO exciting to watch her have this experience, because (hopefully) she learned a few things…

  1. Don’t just stick to what you know because there are so many other choices and you don’t know any of them, or even where to begin.
  2. Begin, by talking to your server – tell them what you like, and ask for a recommendation!
  3. If at first you don’t succeed, refine your request, and try, try again!

So, ladies… get out there and start trying some yummy new beer!

and… great job, Kelly! 🙂

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