The Blind Tiger

2 Sep

I have now had 51 unique beers at the Blind Tiger. It took me 2 years, to the day 🙂

When Orry introduced me to the bar in August of 2007 he had me start one of their “Beer Connoisseur Club” cards. The idea is that once you have 51 UNIQUE beers, you get a t-shirt as well as your name on a plaque on the wall. And, of course, you get bragging rights too! 🙂

I know, I know… so many guys say to me “51 beers? I could do that in a week!”  Yes, I’m sure you could, and I’m also sure your boss would be thrilled with your on-the-job performance that week too!

Thing is, when I started my card I was just beginning to get to know the world of beer, and I was mostly content to keep hanging out at the Four Faced, and really hadn’t started spending much time at the Blind Tiger.  I took a trip this past April however, that changed all that, and ever since then I found myself spending more time at the Blind Tiger, eager to try new beers and fill up my card!

It’s super fun too, once your card does start to fill up ‘cause people are impressed by your tally! This is exponentially true if you’re a girl… I’ve had, on several occasions, guys who were ordering drinks next to me at the bar while I’m filling out my card, and unless they’re regulars they’re always curious… and then impressed! It’s a great conversation starter as well as simply a great log.  If I didn’t actually have it all written down, I doubt I would really remember every one of those 51 beers, but looking at the card I can say “oh yeah, I remember that beer!”  I even put stars next to ones that I really liked… see?

51 Beers

There are several great things about the Blind Tiger, but the top 5 for me are these:

  1. They constantly rotate the beers they have on tap, so there are always tons of new & exciting beers to try!
  2. They have a cheese night!!!!!! (I’m totally a cheese-aholic) Every Wednesday the owner brings in 3 cheeses from Murray’s down the block & puts it out with baguette slices…. HEAVEN!
  3. They have brewery events on select Wednesdays, so you get to sample all the gloriousness of some amazing breweries without having to do all the traveling!
  4. They have windows that open to the street in the spring/summer/fall, and a fireplace that they crank in the winter!
  5. They have REALLY good food, including a kick-ass grilled cheese/tomato soup comfort-food combo!

As much as I do love the Four Face (and the FFL is definitely still my go-to bar just to hang), I truly would not be where I am beer-wise today, if it weren’t for the Blind Tiger. Being “forced”, via my card, to try new beers all the time, I rapidly broadened my beer horizons.

Through the various brewery events I’ve attended at the BT over the past 2 years, I’ve begun to get acquainted with some of the breweries and their beers and, with my card as a reminder, I’m actually “familiar” with several of the brews, and can even discuss them and their parent breweries with other beer lovers!

On August 23, 2009, I finished my first Beer Club Connoisseur card, exactly 2 years to the date that I started it. I got my t-shirt and my wall-plaque is forthcoming. My stepfather was very proud of me, and I wore my t-shirt last weekend for the first time with extreme pride!

I am officially a budding beer connoisseur.

Damn skippy 🙂


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