Beach Vaca + Brewery Visit = Summer Perfection!

28 Aug

Ye olde Hops Honey is *very* nostalgic, and *loves* tradition… and one of my FAVORITE traditions in the whole entire world, is my family’s annual beach vacation to Cape May, NJ! My first time there was when I was 9 months old… and since then, there have only been 2 years that I have NOT gone to Cape May for a summer beach vacation!

Anywho… last year, Southern New Jersey welcomed its first and only craft brewery in… yup,  you guessed it – Cape May!!! Continue reading

Presenting: Back East Brewing Company!

17 Aug

As I mentioned in my preview post last week, this past Saturday was the official launch party of Connecticut’s newest brewery – Back East Brewing Company!

Located in Bloomfield, CT, Back East was founded by cousins Tony Karlowicz and Ed Fabrycki, who started homebrewing together back in 2006. Since then they have experimented with and perfected their homebrew recipes, and a few years ago began to put a plan in place to open their own brewery. This weekend was the culmination of all of their hard work over the past 6 years! Continue reading

Guest Post – Oregon Brewers Festival Review

14 Aug

Behold, the first GUEST POST on The Hops Honey blog! So, who is the lucky author?! It is none other than my kick-ass step-father, Timmy McKane!

Timmy and I sharing some Life & Limb at Dogfish Head!

My mom married Timmy when I was 13, and after I started getting into craft beer in my late 20s, so did Timmy… and we found yet another wonderful way to expand our ‘kid-parent’ relationship into a friendship! Continue reading

From Homebrewing… to… Brewery Launch!

9 Aug

On August 31, 2009 I published my first post on The Hops Honey, and this little beer-writing adventure began! One of the things I was hoping for initially—in addition to encouraging more gals to embrace craft beer—was simply to connect with other beer lovers out there, as I was starting my own fall down the rabbit hole of craft beer-worship 🙂

While I’ve met a gazillion amazing people through this adventure, THIS might be one of the coolest & most unexpected things to have come of it  🙂 Continue reading

False Advertising: Your article told me *nothing* about what my ‘favorite beer says about me to a date’

3 Aug

Look out… I’m standing on a soap box and I’m holding a megaphone.

A fellow lover of craft beer happened to post a link to an article today on Facebook… and I made the mistake of reading it. She found the article humorous & wanted to share, and while I get the humor side of it from the perspective of a chick who’s already into “good beer,” the better part of me got really pissed off… Continue reading